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The LIvewire of the Modern Day Business

Mr. Kufre Umah (CEO, Kayzplace Barbershop)

Doing business in today's world is an extreme sport. The business person has the herculean task and assignment of being everywhere of every time in a bid to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the customers, meet deadlines, and beat the competition. If you add the fact that the entrepreneur is also expected to have a personal life, raise a family, and also attend to other social activities, you will of course come to the conclusion that the entrepreneur must inevitably come up with a system that runs the business whether or not the founder is around.


When do the Customers want you?

Most businesses started as a one-man venture. The founder has a skill, he starts to service a small populace, and as his fame spreads, he expands, employs more persons, and the business is born. However, customers always want to deal with the founder in most cases. They insist on being attended to by the number one man. As an entrepreneur, if you do not address this, you will end up overworked and your productivity will inevitably drop. What to do? Train up your staff to be as good as you are. Convince your customers that the quality of job delivery from your company is uniform no matter who does the job. Delegate more and supervise instead.


Systems that work

Nothing quite beats setting up a working system in your business place. You want to be sure that everyone that comes in through your doors follows a particular procedure or methodology. Let your workers understand the step-by-step module and follow through religiously. Every unit and every department must understand this and enforce the system rule.


No customers' favorites

Neither you nor any member of your staff should be customers' favorite. Every work that comes out of your firm should bear the company's stamp, not the staffer's name tag. Let the company take the glory for the good they have done, collectively.


On a final note

Nur company must produce a team, and front sameaiill times. Play down the emphasis on individual stars and wonder kids, and promote teamwork. That way, with or without your presence, the work will get done, customers will be satisfied, and productivity optimized.

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